Indian badminton – From backyard hobby to national obsession

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Walmart Protesters Take Aim At Walton Heir’s $16 Million Hobby

Missing privileges It is a known fact read more that we still do not have required level of infrastructure, coaches, kits, number of tournaments, and overall development of badminton at the micro level. It is high time that all concerned consider putting in all out efforts to ensure the momentum is sustained. Even the success story of PV Sindhu is more of her personal dedicated attempts, along with the great sacrifices of her family, rather than the guidance or a path finding attempt by the federation. Though, on a positive note, other youngsters are also sweating & showing the hunger to climb up the rankings.
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In order to educate taxpayers the IRS has put forth specific rules to help explain the classification of an activity as a business and what tax deduction limitations exist if the activity is not a business. Incorrect deduction of hobby expenses can expose the taxpayer under audit to back taxes, penalties and interest, and ultimately costs the government billions of dollars in tax receipts. The general rule of thumb for the deduction of expenses through a business is that all ordinary and necessary expenses may be deducted in relation to conducting a trade or business. An ordinary expense is one that is considered common and accepted in the taxpayer’s trade or business.
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Paul Pahoresky: Is it just a hobby or is it a business?

18 minutes ago Report abuse Permalink rate up rate down Reply x Wake up folks.. Walmart has 2million employees. If he decided to sell his race car & give the money to his employees it would be a whole $8 each. Same type of math with the “high priced” CEO’s . Most associates would not want the stress or long hours a good CEO has.
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